The importance of floor movement

There have been a few pieces flying around the interwebz in the last few months about the importance of floor living.

My kids live on the floor, they are up and down off of it and crawling around constantly. Something happens as we get older – we stop playing, worry about being ‘dirty’ and start to avoid being on the floor, and pretty soon it becomes difficult. This is wrong, we shouldn’t abandon moving around the floor just because we are ‘grown up’.

Most of what I’ve seen written recently has focused on the basics of sitting on the floor, getting up and down and crawling – which are fundamental. It can also be taken a bit further and be much more fun.

Where to start?

Start at the start. Ask yourself – when was the last time you sat on the floor for a decent amount of time?

Dan John made a great suggestion in a recent post: “Watch all the television you want, but you must be on the floor sitting when you do.”

Then practice getting up and down off the floor any way you can. Think about how you are moving and try to make it as easy as possible.

  • One way to do this is practice Turkish Get Ups without weight.
  • Roll on the floor and try some basic crawls – I highly recommend you check out Becoming Bulletproof for more on this.

Once you become more comfortable on the floor you can add variety into the ways you get up and down off of the floor, try different crawls and maybe start to add weight to the movements.

This article on the MovNat site has some excellent examples of how to do this.

And then…

Then take it beyond the fundamental and useful. Get playful and add additional complexity to how you move. Doing so will also bring additional confidence in your ability for floor-based movement.

I’ve mentioned Ido Portal’s floreio work and the book Capoeira Conditioning before and both are excellent examples of how to take this stuff further.

It’s also worth looking into basic tumbling – forward and backward rolls, plus cartwheels. Tumbling Drills is a great resource.

I put some of the basic stuff into my warmups and do more complex movements on my ‘medium‘ days. I think this kind of movement can really help people stay healthy as they age – the more comfortable you are moving around the floor the less you will fear being or falling onto it.

Give it a go – you’ll learn a lot about your body and have a loads of fun.

Here’s Ido Portal showing where you can take this stuff