It’s been a bit quiet on the blog front recently.

Most of my posts are started on my train journey to work. My sleep has been pretty broken recently (blame the toddler!) so instead of writing I’ve been catching up on some precious zzzz.

Life in general has been pretty busy as well and the two together reduce the amount of time for ‘stuff’.

When bits of life get complicated it makes sense to simplify others, right?

With less time and reduced recovery ability my workouts are an obvious choice. To carry on full steam ahead in the face of additional stressors is a recipe for failure.

Dropping them altogether is not ideal so instead I simplify – strip them down to the bare bones keeping the most effective movements and dropping (most of) the trimmings.

This is great practice for February when we have a new baby due. Then I’ll be truly sleep and time deprived!

What does this look like?

Day 1
A1: Warm up
B1: One arm push up progressions – 8 x 2-3
B2: Weighted chin up – 8 x 2-3

Day 2
A1: Warm up
B1: Pistols – 8 x 2-3
B2: Random grip stuff – 8 x various

Day 3
A1: Warm up
B1: False grip hangs – 60sec
C1: MU – Dip, transition – 3 x >5
D1: Single leg hip thrust R/L – 2 x >20

Day 4
Run (maybe)

The first two days focus on pure strength work with low reps, lots of sets and 2-3 minute rest breaks – I find this much easier to recover from.

The third day has less volume and keeps muscle ups in the mix. The run is optional, depending on time/energy levels.

Each workout is done within 40 minutes.

I would not expect to make massive gains on this, but that’s not the point. I also wouldn’t follow it all the time, only for a couple of weeks. The main thing is to be as productive as possible when time and energy are short.