Current workouts – July 2011

Life is still pretty hectic, which means the blog is pretty quiet. All three people in my little family have our birthdays in July which keeps us very busy – it’s always lots of fun though.

The introduction of florieo work last month was brilliant. I haven’t stuck that closely to my planned workouts in a long time.

That said, I do like to change things up so have added a few extra bits into my weekly routine for the summer months – namely some MovNat style training and muscle up practice.

I’ve been following the MovNat guys for some time and in October they are finally coming to London to do a seminar. I’ve signed up and am really looking forward to it. It is a great way to train but weather/equipment issues sometimes make it difficult. I hope to learn ways to apply that style of training to an indoor setting ready for the winter as well as learn some great new skills.

As summer is here the weather shouldn’t be a problem (in theory) so I’ve added in some MovNat style stuff on Mondays. I can run to a park in about 5 minutes and there is a great little trail through woods with trees, fallen logs and various other bits to climb, throw and carry – all good.

Previously I didn’t have the space to work both below and above my rings without adjusting the height, so muscle up training was impossible. Since moving house this isn’t the case so I’m going to start working towards this skill – it will really advance the stuff I can do on the gymnastic rings. The main challenge at the moment is the false grip, so I’m working that hard on Wednesdays and practicing the transition between pull up and dip on Mondays.

I’m also pushing my back lever at the moment using either one leg extended (10 sec holds) or half straddle (5 sec holds).

Kettlebells and clubs are in there for conditioning and leg work and I’ve kept a fair bit of florieo work throughout the week. This is a really nice mix of interesting bodyweight exercise and moving medium weights for a lot of reps. These are my two favourite ways to train.

As last month all sessions begin with some joint mobility, a wrist routine and Ido’s squat clinic.

Monday – muscle up practice & MovNat
A1: Back lever – 4×5-10 sec
B1: Kneeling muscle ups – 3×5
C1: MovNat style training

Work through A1 to C1 in sequence

Wednesday – lots of ring work and KBs
A1: Rotation into low bridge (as far as can go) – 10
B1: False grip rows – 3×5-10
C1: Weighted ring dips – 3×5-10
D1: Ring routine – 3 rounds
E1: KB swing/jerk – using 24kg

Work through A1 to E1 in sequence

Friday – Florieo work and powerclubs
A1: Slide to low bridge – 5 (with 5 sec hold)
A2: Rotations into arch using wall – 10
A3: QDR rotational push ups (beginner) – 10
A4: Chin ups – 5-10
B1: Powerclubs (mostly double swipes)

A1-4 for three rounds, then B1