Do these things

  • Train in a way you enjoy
  • Make sure you are able to lift, carry, climb, run and jump a bit
  • Sort your posture out
  • Sit less
  • Free your feet
  • Listen to your body, try not to injure yourself (don’t be stupid)
  • Eat proper food – if you don’t understand the words on the label don’t eat it
  • Enjoy treats sometimes – don’t be a bore
  • Be nice to people
  • Think things through, make up your own mind, make decisions
  • Chill out – it’s probably not that important
  • If it is that important – share it with someone that you love



Back to bouldering

I went bouldering for the first time in a long while this morning. I haven’t been that regularly since falling off last February.

I tried a new place (to me) close to home. It was great, a real nice mix of routes plus some very cool fake stone slabs.

If you’re around the Surrey, UK I recommend you check them out.

I went to the Sutton one.