Basics and some grip fun

I had a quick workout today to cover basics (or at least my current basics). The rep and set numbers are low on the pistols and one arm push ups because I am doing them grease the groove style during the day. I’ve been doing between 3-4 sets of each scattered throughout the day.

GTG pistols have been either assisted full range or box style. I’ll then use my weekly strength workout to test them freestanding with a counter weight.

For the push ups I’m doing lots of sets with my hand elevated to make them easier and a few on the ground with additional arm assistance. I’m not as worried about testing push ups along the way as they don’t challenge my balance as much as pistols. I just need to build up my strength.

I’m also focusing on back lever here as it’s closer than the front lever. I’ll still train front lever but put more emphasis on back lever until I have it nailed. I’ll then switch the focus over.

The workout:

Joint mobility warm up

Pistols (partial ROM, 6kg counter weight) – 2 x 3R/3L
Arm assisted one arm push up – 2 x 2R/2L
Back lever (one leg extended) – 4 x 5sec

Card tears (quartered) – 15, 20, 28
7kg plate curl – 2 x 10R