Fit Mums & Dads – a call to arms

I don’t know about you but charts like this scare the crap out of me.

I love to exercise, and a lot of the things I like are purely personal, but fostering good habits in my children is my no1 motivation for doing it. These figures are terrifying and we parents are at the front line in making a change. Society will not protect our children for us.

We can blame the food industry, computer games or any number of other external factors, but we create the food and culture in our families. We control our children’s education and attitude. And we set the examples which they will follow (on a good day at least).

This is where the fitness industry becomes less helpful. We do not need ‘6 weeks to bigger gunz or Lopez buns’. Were’s the lesson in that? We need to make small, sustainable changes that can be built upon.

How far you take this is up to you and your situation. The level and intensity of activity is your choice, no one expects anyone to turn into an Arnie-at-his prime (especially the Mums!). However, inactivity can no longer be an option – we must do enough to inspire good habits in our children.

The chart will not change itself, clearly the steps our governments and the people that make and sell the food we eat are not being effective. So it is up to us, the parents, the people with the greatest interest in having healthy children to make the line point downwards.

We’re all adults, we know how much is really enough exercise and we also know what foods are actually just shit.

If we think it’s important, then let’s change it. I’ve seen in various posts and comments that plenty of people set health resolutions at the start of the year. How are they going?

If you’re struggling for motivation then think of you children. If you can’t do it for you, then do it to set a good example for them.


4 thoughts on “Fit Mums & Dads – a call to arms

  1. I do agree…but I also know how hard I find it to fit exercise in.

    I walk some lunchtimes (we have no canteen which helps get us outside), but that doesn’t make a dent in my 10000 steps needed a day – even going for a walk at lunch and walking for a meeting to our other office (which will be going in April) doesn’t get me more than 6000 a day. Pre-kids, I used to dance 4 nights a week and exercise in the mornings – admittedly that meant very little time spent with my OH who works 7 days a week. Since having kids, I’ve discovered blogging (which has been the worst thing for me exercise wise!) which means late nights, I enjoy reading and taken up a crochet challenge again, plus working full time and looking after N. The OH still works 7 days a week (he’s a farmer), and he can’t be relied on for me to go out regularly in the evenings for exercise. Plus, who wants to exercise after 8pm at night unless it’s just strength training which I do a little bit of at home when I remember. At weekends we do get out and about walking and N has swimming lessons. But that’s not really exercise for me with a child in tow. My intention is to get back to morning exercise before work…with a 4 year old trying to join in and interrupt it’s not the most productive. So it is hard, and unless you’ve got a supportive OH who’ll be at home regularly so you can exercise, or can afford to pay gym fees and put your child in a creche, it’s hard to see where to actually fit it in.

    Of course, dryer and warmer weather helps – we tend to swim at lunchtimes in the outdoor pool, and we’re out in the garden in the evenings. I’m hoping that once N can ride a bike, we can go to the park more to cycle – but with gravel at home and wet grass, and having to drive to get to town or realistically the nearest village park, we can’t just nip for a walk along rural roads..

    • You are very right, it is hard to fit it in. It sounds like you have a fair bit of activity anyway and more planned. Something is better than nothing, and if it gets the kids moving too then even better.

  2. What a great post. Ross and I are making small changes (although mine are bigger at the moment!) and our choices are reflecting on Grace. She asked me to send for the Change 4 Life Sugar Swap pack that is being advertised at the moment – she told me that as Ross and I were doing something, she wanted to as well. It does rub off on them. We have also all started walkking more. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo.

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