New year resolutions – my list

I’m not normally one for setting resolutions but this year there are a few things I’m aiming for. A post by Tom over at Diary of the Dad has inspired me to write them down.

Be calm and controlled when speaking to the children (shout less)
My wife recently wrote about our efforts to change our parenting for the better. We have been following the steps in the book 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child. Our eldest can be a massively challenging, defiant and sometimes violent little person but the way we, and especially me, had been reacting was not at all cool – way too many outbursts of shouting. Basically doing a bunch of stuff I was shouting at them for doing and not setting a particularly good example.

So far we’re happy with what the steps in this book are doing for us so resolution number one is to just keep it up.

Exercise more often than not
Simple – do some kind of exercise more days of the week than I don’t. It doesn’t have to be an epic workout every time, just something to try and undo all the desk time.

More non-kidlet time
I love them dearly but the relentless cycle in the latter half of the year of work – shout at kids – sleep – repeat was pretty grinding. Ditching the shouting is helping but both me and my wife are a bit shit about making time away from the kids for us as a couple and as individuals.

F is now nearly one so becoming less dependent on ReneΓ©. Now we need to cash in some of those offers of childcare and look after ourselves a bit more. We’ll be better parents for it.

How about you? Any resolutions this year?



10 thoughts on “New year resolutions – my list

  1. Good luck! It’s definitely important to have some kid-free time – both as a couple and individually. Denying yourself ‘me’ time isn’t particularly healthy in the long-run – the kids won’t thank us for having grumpy, run-down parents who haven’t had the opportunity to recharge their batteries. Sleep is only part of that equation – even as parents, we don’t stop needing our own lives too!

  2. Thanks for the mention! Some good resolutions there – I should have resolved to spend more kid-free time with my wife too. Oh well, she’s got a birthday coming up, so that’ll get us off to a good start!

  3. I am definitely going with the more exercise rule. I have started by doing 20 squats a day and I am going to carry on increasing that over the year – from small acorns and all that! Good luck with your goals. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo πŸ™‚

  4. i always love to stay healthy but i need to stop playing table tennis ( my only exercise ) .. i cant concentrate at my work cause my cousin keeps visiting me to play table tennis.. my new years resolution that cant be done for 2 reasons…

    keeping calm with kids is really necessary .. they remember what we say to them….

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