Getting priorities in order

This sort of follows on from my post last week about finding the time for exercise, or anything else that is important to you.

Writing that got me thinking about how I try to manage different priorities in a way that means everyone’s (family, not the whole world) needs are met, including mine.

This isn’t much of a structured post, it’s more of a brain dump. This seemed to be as sensible a place as any to record it.

Inescapable priorities (if I didn’t take care of these I would cease to function, or be on the way to being an arsehole):

  • Family – give focused love to each one
  • Family – play
  • Good food – for me, make sure it is provided for them
  • Roof over head
  • Work (which supports 1,2,3&4)
  • Sleep (or whatever approximation of sleep you can get)*

* That is my ideal order. The day-to-day reality is that it goes 5, 4, 3, 1, 2, 6. Note that sleep comes last both times. Our son is cute but he is a menace during the night.

Then, other things I like to do, but aren’t life or death:

  • Blogging**
  • Exercise
  • Hobbies
  • TV
  • Basically, everything else

** I know this is a serious earner for some but probably not for most

This helps keep me honest. I know I need to get everything in list one sorted first (which can take upwards of 90% of my day). However, and going back to the time post, once that’s done the order of list two is completely up to me. Usually I put exercise above blogging in the evenings, sometimes I put a chocolate brownie above everything.

How about you? Does anyone else think like this? I sometimes wonder if I’m a bit weird……


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