It’s (nearly) the weekend! Andy’s jukebox #7 (the Andy as a pre & early teenager edition)

Music changed for me massively shortly before my 12th birthday. We had moved house and my dad decided he wanted to upgrade his stereo, which meant I got the old one – now I had a CD player.

Unfortunately I still had no CDs so spoke to my older brother about what was worth getting. He suggested I get a copy Nevermind by some band called Nirvana. I did and it blew my little pre-teen mind.

Shortly after a school friend introduced me to Metallica and at that point the perfect three way relationship was born.

I was pissed off but didn’t know why and they sounded pissed off too – it was a match made in heaven. I became deeply attached to these bands and their songs. There were others around the periphery but none were played as frequently or loudly as Metallica and Nirvana.

I know this is not unique to me. There were loads of pissed off teenagers listening to these bands. My point is that listening to their music helped me deal with the grumpy, confusing and somewhat miserable pre and mid teen years.

This is exactly the kind of experience I want my children to have, not one based in teenage misery, but one where they have a connection to the music deeper than liking Harry Style’s hair.

My musical tastes started rapidly broadening aged 15/16 and onwards but I would still come back to these two. I still do today if I’m in a slightly darker mood – there’s something comforting about those songs. Just last weekend after an especially shitty week at work I found myself in a foul mood. A quick run through Nevermind and Master of Puppets sorted me right out.

How about you? What bands shaped your early listening years? Are there any that you still go back to?

Metallica – Blackened (What a way to start a gig!)

Nirvana – Breed (Live a Reading 1992)



5 thoughts on “It’s (nearly) the weekend! Andy’s jukebox #7 (the Andy as a pre & early teenager edition)

  1. Crikey, where do I start?! Well, I still absolutely love Go West (and have met them a few times) and I also loved INXS and Spandau Ballet at different times in my youth. I still love them now! I wasn’t so in to the heavy rock myself! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo šŸ™‚

  2. There’s to many to count! šŸ™‚ Def Leppard, The Cult, Scorpion, Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, Metallica and so many more… Music has always been a big part of me.

    • Nice list! Same here, that’s why I write these posts. Music has been, and still is, a big part of my life so I share it here. More importantly I also share it with my children when I can. They default to stuff like frozen but have actually got the beginnings of reasonably good taste too. It makes me so proud šŸ˜‰

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