Becoming a healthy inspiration – building a home gym

I wrote a few weeks ago about sneaking extra walking into your day as a way to get fitter. I think it’s a great way to start but eventually you will run out of extra steps you can feasibly add to your day.

To carry on making progress you will need to find another way to add a little more exercise each day. I think the simplest way to do this is to create a micro gym at home. It does not need to be complicated or expensive, the equipment you actually need to get started is minimal. You can have a very worthwhile and useful home gym with only these items:


That round thing is a kettlebell. You don’t actually need one those, just something heavy to press, row, squat and swing. To be honest a dumbbell set would probably be better, it’s just kettlebells are all I have so that’s what I took a picture of. The other bit if kit is a doorway pull up bar for hanging off and pull ups. Add push ups and you’re set.

The total investment will be around £50. That’s less than a month’s gym membership with the bonus that it’s always open and no one else sweats on the equipment.

That’s it, no more is needed for now. Use these in a sensible way a few times a week and good things will happen. Make it hard enough to count but easy enough to be able come back another day. Consistency will give you way more than beating yourself into the ground. This is an investment in your health, an easy workout done 3-4 times a week for years will pay far bigger dividends than a monster one that you can’t sustain beyond week one.

How about you, do you have any tips for busy parents wanting to keep in shape? How do you for exercise into your day?

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2 thoughts on “Becoming a healthy inspiration – building a home gym

  1. It’s amazing how little you need for a full body work out. True body weight specialists would argue you don’t need anything, just your body and a sense of imagination, but for some of us it feels odd hogging the monkey bars at your kid’s play park so you can do pull ups and need the odd bit of kit. If only we all had an employer like RC Liley (@Going_Dad) used to have, they gave him an allowance of a couple of hundred dollars a year to buy equipment for his home gym rather than giving a corporate discount at a commercial gym. Thanks for linking up to #FitDadChallenge

    • True. You can get a great workout with just bodyweight, I just like to lift stuff too. Either way, the main point is that what you think you need and actually need are probably very different.

      That is a great deal! I would love it if my employer had a scheme like that, I’ve never heard of anything like it before.

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