Techie toys, talking and respect

I love technology. I’m writing this on my phone sat on a train travelling to work, impossible without the joys of technology and the internet.

But it’s not all good. Using my own experience as an example, we do seem to suffer from ‘notification mindset’ where everything requires immediate attention. The result is attempts at pointless multitasking, sometimes conflicting with basic manners and respect.

This is not helped in our house by the huge number of ‘tasks’ created by three children and the fact we both have blogs to fill and Twitter about.

Example: I’m going to start talking to you while switching on the blender even though you’re upstairs in the shower.

Well that’s just not going to work is it?

Granted that is an extreme (and made up) example but my point is that while we were multi tasking we were also complaining that our children’s communication was not as good as it used to be.

Person 1: They don’t bloody listen to a word I say
Person 2: Sorry what was that? I was reading something on my phone.

I’m sure we’ve all done it, started a conversation and then drifted off into phoneland – but, honestly, isn’t that just totally bloody rude? I still do it and I think so.

We realised that to expect respectful communication from our children we must communicate in a way to that shows respect. So we set a little mini-rule to prioritise face-to-face conversations over virtual ones, and that you have to see and look at the person you are talking to before you speak. It seems like the most obvious thing in the world but sometimes that is what gets lost in the midst of children, chores and other stuff.

It’s all part of teaching the little people to treat each other with respect and have a healthy relationship with technology.

Do we do it all the time? Of course not, we’re not perfect and sometime shouting “Throw some socks!” up the stairs is necessary.

What about you? Do you see this in your home? How do you juggle the draw of blogs, Twitter and the like?



8 thoughts on “Techie toys, talking and respect

  1. I often think our kids spend too much time on games & technology in general but I am guilty myself – blogging and browsing sites. I therefore feel rather bad if I try to limit tech for them whilst I’m on my phone. #pocolo

  2. Great post and I agree with you – it is bloody rude, but I do it all the time! We’ve reached a point where we’re always available and there’s something about the nature of the notifications we get on our phones, tablets and computers that creates a false sense of urgency which we all fall for. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I must cut down on technology time while I’m at home to set a good example to my kids – it may be too late already as the two year old is hooked on the CBeebies app! Oops…

    • I think that sense of urgency is a big part of it, and of course most of the time it’s completely false. The thing for me is to teach them that the people in front of you are more important than what’s happening on the phone. I have to confess I’m not as great at setting a good example as I could be, but I am trying. The CBeeebies app is pretty addictive, I’m a little hooked on it too!

  3. A great post. I totally and utterly agree with you. I have become better over the past month or so at putting my phone away or leaving it up in my room – along with the rest of my technology. I really can’t afford to ignore my daughter and I need to set a good example. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂

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