Yay for food

I love my children. I’ll talk about then to anyone that’s interested, I’ll also happily talk about them to people that don’t give a toss. But as, all parents know, sometimes you need to do something non-children to reset. For my wife and I that invariably means something to do with food.

Today we did just that at an incredible food festival at Brixton Village, London.

My parents took the girls for the day so we had some time almost to ourselves. I say almost as F the 8 month old milk monster came with us. He still needs his Mummy and I’m not sure my Dad’s blood pressure could handle looking after all three of them. F is easy company though and shifting from three to one child feels like a massive parenting holiday.

It was such a great day. For a £15 ticket we got a wrist band and 15 Brixton Pounds which could be used to buy treats in any of the 20 restaurants in and around Brixton market that took part. Each restaurant also offered a freebie to all ticket holders.

So we spent the day walking around a part of London that has been home to us both and brings back many fond memories while snacking on amazing food.

No better way to spend a day with (nearly) just the two of us. We made it round 11 venues, here’s a few of our favourites.

Taco time – simple, fresh and very tasty

Caribbean wings – these were delicious and hot hot hot

F’s first pub and pizza experience – he loved it

Laksa and tempura prawns – wifey’s favourite

Cheers! Raspberry cheesecake cocktails

Wine time! The snack is a grape coated in goats cheese and then pistachios. Sounds weird but it was amazing.

We came home full and happy and the girls had a fun day too. Result!


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