Adding little by little

I really like Ross Enamait’s work. His message is simple: exercise does not need to be complicated, expensive or massively time consuming. Instead it is consistent effort that will bring changes to your health.

It’s a great attitude. Exercise and the health of you and your family does not have to be a big scary bogeyman. Baby steps are the key to progress, simply add some movement to your life today that wasn’t there yesterday and repeat it tomorrow.

Make it a game with your children and you both win. In a little while, add some more.

The lack of time excuse, Ross Enamait
“Don’t assume that you cannot exercise just because you don’t have an hour of uninterrupted time. …… Something is almost always better than nothing.”

“Unfortunately, no one can prioritize your health for you. It is a decision that must be made on your own and then repeated day after day.”


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