Doing the 30/30 squat challenge

Ido Portal has started a challenge of Facebook – the 30/30 squat challenge.

The challenge is to spend 30 minutes sitting in a squat every day for 30 days. The aim is to reclaim the squat as a position of rest.

I like the sound of that so started on Saturday and will record progress here intermittently.

  • Saturday – Easy and cheated a bit, did most of it leaving against the sofa watching our new Sons of Anarchy season 5 DVD (it rocks BTW)
  • Sunday – Still fairly easy as it was the weekend. Loads of opportunities to squat. Finished off in the rest breaks when working out.
  • Today – Much more tricky at work, especially as I had loads of meetings. Still got 22mins done during the day and am finishing the last 8 at home while typing this.

Give it a go – kids squat good, time for the grown ups to get (back?) in the action.


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