Magic things happening in squatland

This squat challenge is very good stuff.

Something magical* happened today (day seven). My ankles finally freed up enough so my weight is centred more evenly over my feet, and my hips and knees opened up so my hamstrings rest on calfs.

The squat is now actually a resting position – amazing. Although standing up again is tough going after five minutes down there!

*OK maybe not ‘magical’ but I was impressed anyway


Doing the 30/30 squat challenge

Ido Portal has started a challenge of Facebook – the 30/30 squat challenge.

The challenge is to spend 30 minutes sitting in a squat every day for 30 days. The aim is to reclaim the squat as a position of rest.

I like the sound of that so started on Saturday and will record progress here intermittently.

  • Saturday – Easy and cheated a bit, did most of it leaving against the sofa watching our new Sons of Anarchy season 5 DVD (it rocks BTW)
  • Sunday – Still fairly easy as it was the weekend. Loads of opportunities to squat. Finished off in the rest breaks when working out.
  • Today – Much more tricky at work, especially as I had loads of meetings. Still got 22mins done during the day and am finishing the last 8 at home while typing this.

Give it a go – kids squat good, time for the grown ups to get (back?) in the action.