Two things I realised today

  • Usually when the little people are at their least loveable, they need the most love
  • I really, really like bacon

Productive day……….


Why being a healthy parent matters

There are few elements to why I think being a healthy parent is important. How I want to look and feel right now and hopefully inspiring good habits play a big role, but it’s also about the future and how my family ages together.

There is a global trend to more personal responsibility for financial and physical wellbeing in retirement. By the time I’m old enough to get it, the state pension age in the UK will be at least 68 years old, that’s an extra 3 years compared to my parents.

That might not seem like much but as we also seem to be trending towards generally poorer health we may head into a situation where we are more dependent on others when older, but society is not in a position to provide that care. So who will? Your children, their children – is that fair on them? Especially if these trends continue and they face the same problems?

I don’t think it is and see any action that improves my family’s health as an investment, like a physical pension. These actions may not reverse the societal trend but can at least try and limit any burden on my family in older life, and hopefully start a mini-trend with them so that they do the same.

Is it a bit boring? Yeah, maybe sometimes. But saving financially for retirement is not particularly exciting either and many would consider it pretty irresponsible to not do that.

Being a healthy inspiration to your kids

In addition to being about lifting and moving this blog is about me trying to be a healthy inspiration to my kids. The idea is to be a good role model, hopefully encouraging them to follow suit and build good habits.

One thing I’ve starting doing is to exercise in front them more often. This is to make my exercise more real to them, instead of just something Daddy does after they go to sleep. It’s been great to get them more involved and start to teach them some ‘gym rules’.

There’s more to being a healthy inspiration than just the physical though. If me (and Wifey!) bring up our children so they are physically healthy but can’t think for themselves, or are close minded or inconsiderate then we have failed just as much as if they were overweight sofa surfers.

I’m going to start reflecting that here more often and share stuff about nurturing good little people by exposing them to diverse experiences – different sights, sounds, foods and a variety of music. Plus anything else I think is interesting and relevant.