Get your goals in order – life’s for living

Thierry Sanchez has put up a great piece which is a nice antithesis to the standard new year goal setting fitness posts we are about to be inundated with.

Following a super strict hardcore food and fitness regime is not necessary for good health. Unfortunately, exercising and eating well enough to live a happy and healthy life, and using that health to spend time with people you love, isn’t a particularly sexy sell.

“I have a sustainable lifestyle and approach to training and eating. No privations, no cravings, no restrictive diets, no punishing training regimen, no expensive supplements. This is freedom!
I am never going to be super lean, super muscular, super strong, super fit, super famous. And I don’t fucking give a super shit about it, I choose to enjoy life instead, life where food tastes good, and exercise is a form of expression instead of an obsession.”


Great interview with Ross Enamait

This is good stuff.

If we ever expect to combat the obesity epidemic that exists throughout the world, we need to make exercise more readily available and less confusing. Let’s get more people up and moving with whatever they have available, rather than constantly trying to sell them one overpriced piece of equipment after another.