Training with the seasons

We’re coming into one of my two favourite times of year for training.

I love that time in spring when the cold breaks, being outside running is enjoyable again.
Now is great too. The temperature in my training space has dropped quite a lot which means I’ve gone back to lifting kettlebells for high reps. During to warmer months it gets pretty hot in there and sweaty hands, kettlebells and a tiled floor are not a particularly good combination. Now it’s cooler I can go nuts without fear of smashing up the house.
I’m totally abandoning what I’ve been doing, but just going a couple of sets here and there to maintain where I am.

Being seasonal makes for a nice mix of training throughout the year – outdoor and playful in the warmer months; indoor and focused when it’s colder.


Clearing out the tumbleweeds

It’s been quiet round here recently.

Life has been very busy again. Work is pretty full on at the moment and I’m also studying which means writing a dissertation in my spare time. Between that and spending time with my girls it doesn’t leave much to spare.

When faced with choosing between training or writing about training I’ve been choosing the lifting and moving.