Current training – September 2013

I’m still cycling through lift days, move days and run/swim days, generally two of each a week. This pattern has been working really nicely for a while now and I see no reason to change it.

It’s a nice balance of structure and randomness.

I’m currently doing ring dips and deadlifts for my lifting. I have been following a volume-based approach which is working nicely. I set a timer of twenty minutes and cycle back and forth between the two exercises, staying away from failure, and taking as much rest as I need – you can get a lot done in not much time if you put your mind to it.

Those sessions look like this:

  •  A1: Warm up
  • B1: Turkish get up plus overhead walk – 2 x 1L/1R
  • C1: Deadlift/Ring dip – 20mins = 20-50 reps of each
  • D2: Farmers walk –varied weights & distance
  • E1: Rope climb – as many as possible in 5 minutes

The move days are some combination of bridging, crawls and hand balancing.

The run/swim days are pretty self-explanatory!


2 thoughts on “Current training – September 2013

  1. This seems like a pretty awesome way to go about lifting. Do you usually pick a push/pull combo with the two moves you choose?

    Dig the “move” days, too. You into MovNat at all?

    Seems like we have pretty similar mindsets with some of this training stuff. Curious to see what’s in store for you.


    – James

    • Thanks James. Yes, I usually match a push and a pull – mostly dips/deads or press/pull ups.

      MovNat is definitely part of the move days. I attend a seminar of theirs a while back and have been a massive fan ever since. It’s a great way of filling the gaps.

      I really like your part about polarised training. I totally agree – my training has been structured in the same way for some time.

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