Designed to Move: a great initiative from Nike

Nike has launched a fantastic website called Designed to Move. The content is based on a report produced by Nike and over 70 partner organisations that aims to better understand the underlying issues related to physical inactivity and help consolidate the facts and findings on the topic.

The aim of the campaign is to reverse the current trend of inactivity in children by taking two actions:

  • Create early positive experiences for children
  • Integrate physical activity into everyday life

I think it’s a great initiative. As a dad I take this stuff seriously, and I think it should be a priority for all other parents too. The health and financial costs of doing nothing are unacceptable.

This is taken from the site (emphasis mine):

“Just a few generations ago, physical activity was an integral part of daily life. In the name of progress, we’ve now chipped away at it so thoroughly that physical inactivity actually seems normal.

In less than two generations, physical activity has dropped by 20% in the U.K. and 32% in the U.S. In China, the drop is 45% in less than one generation. Vehicles, machines and technology now do our moving for us. What we do in our leisure time doesn’t come close to making up for what we’ve lost.

“Today’s 10 year olds are the first generation expected to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.”

That is a scary statistic, granted it is for the US but the trend is global.

Give the site a look. There are loads of resources including the full report and also an infographic that summarises the finding – click the image below to see the whole thing.


Infographic image ©Nike, Inc. (2012) DESIGNED TO MOVE: A Physical Activity Action Agenda.™


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