Current training – March 2013

The most notable change this month is that I’m taking a break from judo. Both my girls’ sleep is particularly bad at the moment, between them they are up at 1-3 times every night and it’s starting to take its toll. By the time I’m supposed to leave for judo training on a Friday night I’m pretty much ready for bed so rather than go anyway, not be 100% on the mat and be extra exhausted the next day (part of the oh so previous weekend!), I’m going to stay away for a few weeks until things settle down. I’ll train at home on Fridays instead, but can manage the time, volume etc much better there.

Other than that it’s all roughly the same. I’m now using the 20kg kettlebell for jerks which actually feels easier than the 16kg as the extra weight helps me keep my arm relaxed and get more drive from my legs.

I’ve also switched snatches for long cycle jerks. The progress I had with my snatch technique last month disappeared so rather than bang my head against a wall I’m switching to a lift I know I can do. I’m not training to compete in kettlebell lifting so the lifts are largely irrelevant. The point is just to lift the weight many times without putting it down.

The gymnastic ring work is still treating me well so I’ll stick at it for a while longer. I’m adjusting the volume and intensity depending on what stage of the jerk progression I’m at.


  • A1: 20kg turkish get up – 1R/1L x 2
  • B1: OALCCJ 16kg jerk edt up to 10mins @ 8rpm
  • C1: Tuck back lever – 20, 30 sec
  • 360 Pulls – 1-3 x 2


  • A1: Squats
  • B1: Handstand practice
  • C1:Straddle L (bent leg, low)
  • C2: Rope climb


  • A1: 20kg turkish get up – 1R/1L x 2
  • B1: OAJ 20kg edt up to 10mins @ 6rpm
  • C1: Muscle up/ring routine
  • D1: 28kg KB swing

Thursday – run


  • A1: Squats
  • B1: Handstand practice
  • C1:Straddle L (bent leg, low)
  • C2: Pike press HeS

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