Great workout timer for kettlebell lifting

I’ve recently swiched from having an iPhone to an Android phone and have found a workout timer that is excellent for kettlebell lifting. I’m not sure if it s available for iPhone.

The app is called Impetus. It’s really simple to use and gives you loads of control over the intervals which is great for setting up timed sets.

Setting up intervals

This is the screen you use to set up your intervals.


You can build each element of the interval yourself, which I like as you can get the timer to vibrate every time you need to do a rep.

Here I’ve set it for a 10 second interval grouped into a 42 round set (i.e. 6prm for 7 mins), 2 minutes rest and then 10 second intervals in a 18 round set (i.e. 6prm for 3 mins).

Here I was using a higher weight for the second set but, as you control each section, you could set up additional sets at different paces. It’s great as you can set up the whole workout before you start and not have to touch it again.

The interval screen

This is the screen you see when the interval is running.


This screen is quite basic but doesn’t need to be anymore complicated. It tells you what you need to be doing, how many intervals are left to go and the total time left.

If you lift kettlebells for time I highly recommend this app, it’s ace.


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