Current training – February 2013

It’s taken a little while to work out how best to fit the things I learnt from my training diary into a week, without just changing everything constantly.

I’ve ended up trimming some of the stuff out to keep the time they take down. This is especially important on Sunday/Monday where I’m doing back to back days.

I feel like I’m getting into a rhythm with kettlebell lifting. Snatches in particular are feeling pretty good. I think I might have finally figured out how to drop the kettlebell comfortably with my left.

The escalating density training (EDT) is working well for both snatches and jerks. I like the way you still get a decent amount of voume in the early stages without hammering longer timed sets. It gives time to get used to a new weight or rep speed before increasing the length of the set. (That reminds me that I said I’d post these routines up here.)

I’m having a go at some gymnastic rings training so have dropped all of the convict conditioning stuff apart from squats – I think they are where I’m getting most benefit anyway. I’m finding  the early steps are great for improving mobility.

On top of this I’m playing with handstands randomly through the week. I think I could probably kck up into one now but need to get past the fear of doing it (and maybe falling!) on my wood floor.

Saturday – rest


  • A1: L-seat
  • B1: 16kg OAJ jerk edt
  • C1: Muscle up/ring routine


  • A1: Straddle L
  • B1: 16kg Snatch edt
  • C1: CC squat progression
  • D1: Play time – handstands, MovNat

Tueday – rest


  • A1: L-seat
  • B1: 16kg Snatch – 8/8/8/8 or 10/10/10/10 x 2
  • C1: 16kg Jerk – 5/6 min set @ 6rpm
  • D1: 20kg OA jerk – 3/4 min set @ 6rpm
  • E1: 24kg Swing – 20-30 each hand

Thursday – run (maybe)

Friday – judo



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