Current training – January 2013

I’m starting pretty gently with the kettlebells. It’s been a while since I have snatched and jerked them on a regular basis and I want to spend a bit of time practicing technique with a light weight.

My judo club is closed until early February so I have more time to train at home and can practice both lifts twice a week.

I have one day where I focus on the Convict Conditioning push up, pull up and squat progressions, one day to focus on jerks, one on snatches, and another to play with a variety of lifts.

I’m using a Escalating Density Training (EDT) progression for both jerks and snatches, using time for jerks and reps for snatches. The reason for using time with jerks is to force extra time in the rack position to get used to it again. It’s fairly simple stuff but I’ll post both progressions at some point.

My play time is mostly handstands at the moment.

Saturday – rest

Sunday – bodyweight exercise

  • A1: Press up (incline) – 3 x >40
  • A2: Pull ups (horizontal pulls) – 3 x >30
  • B1: Handstand practice
  • C1: Squat (jack-knife/supported) – 3 x >40/30

Monday – extended sets of mixed kettlebell lifts

  • Clean
  • Snatch
  • Swing/jerk
  • Push press

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – jerk EDT

  • A1: Handstand practice
  • B1: 16kg one arm KB jerk – start at 6rpm x 1min x 10sets (1min rest, switch hands every 30sec), progress to 6rpm x 5min x 2sets (1min rest, switch hands every 30sec).
  • C1: Push up – 3 x 5-10
  • C2: Rope climb – 3 x 1
  • C3: 24kg KB swing – 3 x 10-15

Thursday – rest

Friday – snatch EDT

  • A1: Handstand practice
  • B1: Squat (jack-knife) – 1 x 20
  • C1: 16kg KB snatch – start at 5/5 x 10, progress to 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5 x 2



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