Lessons from my training journal

I’ve looked through my training journal during the Christmas break. As well as sets/reps etc I also make notes about what’s working, what isn’t, energy levels etc. Here’s what I saw:

  • I change my workouts very (too) frequently
  • My best progress has come from sticking with something longer term
  • I do quite well on basic bodyweight exercises
  • Occasional runs into more intense gymnastic ring work is good for 4-6 weeks, but I start to get very tight after that. (I think that is because of sitting all day for work.)
  • Extended sets of kettlebell ballistics also treat me pretty well. It has been over two years since I have done them regularly but the endurance/conditioning from them was very nice. You end up shifting a massive amount of weight per session.

So, I may as well learn from this for 2013. The lessons are:

  • I need to stop reading fitness forums. A big reason I change stuff so often is because I am tryong to find my own way by reading stuff on the net and there is too much information to process. The forums are the worst of it – too many recommended exercises and contradicting pieces of advice. They are good for looking into a specific topic but way too distracting for regular reading.
  • Do basic bodyweight exercises for strength. I love the Gymnasticbodies stuff but find the routines take too long. I’ve tried trimming them down to fit the time I have but it doesn’t seem to work. I end up with too much stuff squeezed into too little time. I think I need to keep it simple, and will follow Convict Conditioning progressions for push ups, pull ups and squats as my basic strength work.
  • Every now and then raise the intensity with some work on the gymnastic rings.
  • Bring back extended sets of kettlebell ballistics – swing, clean, snatch, jerk, push press. Not necessarily timed and to a strict rpm, but just long.
  • Allow time for play and variety – MovNat, Capoiera Conditioning, handstands, rope climbing, grip stuff.

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