Judo Adult Beginners Course

I’ve now finished my judo course – overall the whole experience was great.

The course is specifically set up for adult beginners so the whole class are new starters with no experience, and all of a similar(ish) ages. This made for a great learning environment as we were all on the same level.

The aim of the course content is to teach you the syllabus for red belt which contains a few breakfalls, three throws and three hold downs.

Rather than try a wide range of techniques we focused on the red belt syllabus for the whole 10 weeks.

This might not be as exciting as trying lots of different techniques but I think it was a great way to start out. Now everyone has moved into the main classes we have a few throws that we are comfortable trying in sparring. We rarely get them (judo is hard!), but we can try.

All in all I would recommend the course to anyone interested in trying judo.

I’ve now switched clubs from the Budokwai to Westcroft Judo as it’s 5mins from my house and have been training there on Friday nights.

It’s a great club. Good people and great teaching.

http://westcroftjudo.co.uk/ http://www.britishjudo.org.uk/beginners


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