running and aerobic stuff, and other stuff too

This is a great post from Clifton Harski. The aerobic exercise good/bad topic has been getting fair bit of web time recently and Clifton makes a very good point. 

There’s some great recommendations in his post too.

“I wonder if all these negatives from aerobic/cardio/running articles is all because of running, and not at all because of the aerobic/cardio aspect? ….

Here???s why: most people just suck badly at running. Look at people running down the block???they look like baby giraffes learning to walk, like forest gump running while still in his leg braces, like a bird trying to take off with clipped wings???you get the picture. It???s ugly, and if it looks ugly, it probably is ugly to their body, to their brain, and whole system, which takes it as an insult or maybe better said, as an assault.  So no matter the distance, running is probably a problem for most people. Even if it happens at a slow pace”


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