Current training – December 2012

The main changes this month is to drop dips to once a week and introduce one arm push up work on the second day and stop doing KB cleans in favour of pull ups.

I have been really enjoying working dips but they are stating to make me tight in the wrong places. Push ups work very similar muscles, but at different angles, and seem to be clearing things up. I’ve added pull ups as a lack of upper body pulling exercises is probably another reason my shoulders/upper back are a bit sore.

I still have my eye on my muscle up progressions but will carry on focusing on dips for a bit longer before switching in the new year.

Squats are going nicely. I’ve settled into a pattern of one heavy day (for my legs!) and one a bit lighter, but with more KB swings.

I’ve also dropped handstand work from my main workouts to give some more time to focus on the other exercises but am still playing with them throughout the week.

Warm up

  • A1: Becoming Bulletproof drills
  • B1: Hip flexor stretch – 20, 20, 20
  • B2: KB swing – 20kg x 10, 24kg x 10, 28kg x 10
  • B3: Rock – 10, 10, 10
  • B4: KB goblet squat – 20kg x 5, 24kg x 5, 28kg x 5

Monday – rest

Tuesday – judo

Wednesday – rest


  • After warm up
  • A1: L-sit – 2 x 20sec
  • A2: Tuck BL – 2 x 20sec
  • B1: Ring dip – 3 x 6-8
  • B2: Close grip chin ups – 3 x 6-10
  • C1: Rope climb – 5 x 1
  • C2: 24kg KB swing – 5 x 10-15

Friday – easy run

Saturday – rest


  • After warm up
  • A1: 20/20kg KB front squat – 4 x 3-5
  • B1: L-sit – 1 x 30sec
  • C1: Assisted one arm push up – 4 x 3-5
  • C2: Weighted close grip chin ups – 4 x 3-5
  • D1: 28kg KB swing – 3 x 10



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