Things I’ve learnt from running more frequently

The more often you do something the better you get at it.

It’s obvious really. In addition to training the muscles more frequently I am also training the skill.

Skill such a big part of any movement based exercise it needs some frequency to learn the details. I’m not beating myself to death with running – I go out once maybe twice a week – but the difference over a few months of consistency have been noticeable.

Strength helps

I’ve mentioned this before.

  • Stronger muscles make each stride easier and less taxing on the body (accounting for total body mass – of which I have reltively little). 
  • This means you are less fatigued and are more able to concentrate on technique. 
  • Better technique makes you more effecient and able to go longer/faster = better runner.

I’ve noticed a similar thing in my judo classes. I’m on a beginners course so we’re all brand new to judo, but have varying levels of conditioning.

Some have a fair bit of gym experience, some have just got off the sofa (after having a fag). The difference between the two groups is clear. One is getting fit by doing judo and trying to learn new skills at the same time. The other, while still working hard, is much more able to focus on the techniques.

Mobility helps too

As my squat improves (i.e both stronger and deeper) my running improves too. I think this is largely as I am learning to use my hips better.

I thank Becoming Bulletproof for that, the rock exercise has been amazing in teaching me how squat properly.

I also notce this at judo. My ability to get my hips into throws is pretty poor, but when I (luckily) get it right the different is incredible.


You could certainly apply these points to most athletic activity:

  • Move well
  • Get stronger
  • Practice frequently

Nothing groundbreaking. Much wiser men than me have been saying this for a long time. I guess this is just me finally noticing.