Training your weakness

One of the reasons I like MovNat is that it forces you to train your weaknesses. By focusing on a range of skills you very quickly realise which ones you are not good at, and so which qualities you need to develop.

I am finding that Judo is also highlighted weaknesses. In my class we are all beginners, so have similar amounts of skill but different levels of conditioning.

Compared with my classmates, my speed, flexibility and mobility are all fine (ok my hip mobility could be better), but my strength, especially in my legs, is not great.

This is no great surprise. I don’t have a long training background and spent many years building a base. I also hover around 65kg so am generally one of the lightest in class.

My upper body strength and grip are fine but it’s my legs that let me down. A quick look back over my recent training and you can see why. I have been doing plenty of upper body work but just a few sets of swings for legs.

If I’m honest with myself I’ve never really stuck with serious leg training for long – partially because it’s a weakness but also because it is bloody hard work.

It’s time to change that. Not just for judo, it’s a pretty obvious weak link in being ‘fit for life’ as well.


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