A revised dip/muscle up progression

I wrote a post a while ago about progressions for ring dips and muscle ups. As I’ve been working on them it’s become clear that:

  • The jumps in difficulty were too big
  • RTO dips are too hard for me right now
  • I need to add more steps.

I’ve since revised the progression I’m working on. For dips it now looks like:

    1. Forearms touching rings
    2. Forearms touching rings with hollow
    3. Forearms off rings
    4. Forearms off rings with hollow
    5. Keep rings turned out
    6. Keep rings turned out with hollow

      My muscle up progression is taken from this post by Coach Sommer:

        1. Kipping narrow grip (inside shoulders)
        2. Kipping medium grip (shoulder width)
        3. Kipping wide grip (outside shoulders)
        4. No kipping narrow grip (inside shoulders)
        5. No kipping medium grip (shoulder width)
        6. No kipping wide grip (outside shoulders)

          Right now I’ve dialled right back to the start and am working dips twice a week. Once I am doing them with forearms off of the rings I will switch to one day of dips and another of muscle ups.

          I’m thinking this will work fine until it comes to RTO dip/muscle up integration – that is very hard and may need another rethink. At that point I may take the two skills in different directions: dips go RTO, MU go for minimal forward lean or ring routines.


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