Endurance/HR training update – August – October

It’s been a good month for my running. I’ve not always gone out as frequently as I’d like, as I’ve had to rearrange traing to fit in my judo class, but it’s usually been once a week.

Progress has still been good though. The drop in temperature has had a really positive effect on my ability to manage my heart rate.

It’s obvious when you think about it – heat will make it go higher, faster. Interestingly barking pitbulls have a similar effect.

The general trend has been for the amount of time spent in my target HR zone to go up and the time per km to come down – all good.

Here’s the stats for the last month or so:

Date Distance (km) Time Ave HR Max HR Time in zone Time per km % in zone
29/08/2012 6.11 00:36:19 140 155 00:23:33 00:05:56 64.85%
02/09/2012 7.36 00:42:41 140 151 00:30:14 00:05:47 70.83%
08/09/2012 7.3 00:41:06 142 153 00:31:49 00:05:37 77.41%
13/09/2012 3.8 Forgot HR monitor
21/09/2012 5.75 00:30:16 140 151 00:20:32 00:05:15 67.84%
28/09/2012 5.75 00:30:31 140 151 00:21:35 00:05:18 70.73%
12/10/2012 4.4 00:23:56 139 152 00:15:22 00:05:26 64.21%

And some comments:

  • 151-2 bpm is when I realise I am out of the zone. My monitor does beep but it’s pretty quiet and this seems to be the point I notice I’m working a bit too hard.
  • It looks as though my % in zone peaked on 8 September, but that is misleading as it was also one of the longest runs. The amount of time spent warming up and cooling down is the same no matter what distance I cover so time in zone is more likely to be high on a longer run.
  • 21 & 28 September show good progress. This is exactly the same route. I was a little bit slower second time , but the time in zone increases nicely.

The best measure of progress I have is the very first and last runs.

Date Distance (km) Time Ave HR Max HR Time in zone Time per km % in zone
28/06/2012 3.8 00:23:00 142 160 00:15:03 00:06:03 65.43%
12/10/2012 4.4 00:23:56 139 152 00:15:22 00:05:26 64.21%

The time spent running is roughly the same but the distance covered, and especially the pace, is way up.

I’m pleased with how this is going – it feels like a nice four months work.

It’ll be interesting to see where I am when the progress plateaus. If I can get to a point where I’m consistently in the zone for 70% of a 6km run, where the time per km is under 5mins, I’ll be pretty happy.


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