Beginning judo

I was totally hooked on judo during the Olympics – it was simply awesome to watch.

It has inspired me to get back on the mats and start some martial arts training again. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve done any and I really miss it.

I stopped as I was struggling to schedule training around a new baby and an increasing number of late nights at work. If had to choose between going to training or going home to see P, she would always win (and rightly so!).

Life is different now. Family and work are both more settled and I feel like I can commit some time to training.

I never really stuck at anything I trained previously, often because life moved me away from the dojo.

Now I want to be able to sustain training over time which makes judo a great choice.

There are dojos everywhere, just between work and home there are three to choose from, and all are easily accessible.

I’m starting next week on a BJA adult beginners course at the Budokwai. Its a legendary club – the oldest judo dojo outside of Japan.

I can’t wait.


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