Great indoor MovNat combo – adaptability

There was a great post on the MovNat site earlier this week by MovNat Team Instructor, Kellen Milad.

The post explains how you can add adaptability to your training by varying the type of walk, carry, crawl etc as you go through the combo – it’s a great idea.

MovNat training is at its best when done outside but it is not always possible. I really liked how this post demonstrated a range of MovNat skills being trained in an indoor setting.

The facility Kellen is using is amazing – what an awesome collection of toys! Luckily the combo is fairly simple to tailor so it can be done at home with minimal equipment. .

A slight change to the climbing techniques would mean they could be done on a pull up bar. You could even do the carries with a chair, or bag full of tin cans, and reduce the equipment further.

Check out the video:


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