Current training – September 2012

Much has changed since last month! My foot getting better has brought more varied movements back into my training again.

Kettlebell pressing is out and dips/muscle ups are in. I tend to enjoy KB pressing for about six weeks, and then very quickly get stale. The skill and complexity of ring work is much more engaging for me.

The times on static holds have gone up. A 30 sec german hang is comfortable now so I’ve introduced back lever in its place.

My current pattern is to have Monday and Friday pretty static, and then Wednesday totally random. The fulll week goes like this:

Warm up

  • Becoming bulletproof drills
  • Naked TGU
  • Wrist routine
  • Ido’s shoulder warm up


  • A1: Low L-sit – 2 x 25sec
  • A2: tuck back lever – 2 x 20sec
  • A3: Tuck front lever – 2 x 25sec
  • B1: Face wall HS – 5-8 x 30sec
  • C1: Muscle up – 3-5 x 3-5
  • C2: KB swing, 28kg or double – 5-15
  • D1: Rope climb
  • D2: Bridge wall walk


  • Rest


  • Outside – MovNat, parkour.
  • No routine – mostly jumps, climbs, running


  • Short run at lunch


  • A1: HS practice
  • B1: Low L-sit/l-sit on floor – 3 x 20sec
  • B2: Ring dip, RTO in hollow – 3 x 4-6
  • B3: Tuck back lever – 3 x 20sec
  • B4: Rope pull ups L/R – 3 x 2-3
  • B5: Tuck front lever – 3 x 25sec
  • B6: Pistols R/L – 3 x 3-5
  • C1: KB swing, 24kg – 3-5 x 10-15


  • Rest


  • Longer run on trails 




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