Training with an injury

I really dislike being injured. I love moving and get very frustrated by anything that restricts my ability to move.

Over the last week or so I’ve been experiencing pain in my left foot which has been diagnosed as foot tendinitis. I didn’t even realise such a thing existed.

The pain comes when I either land on my forefoot (running/jumping) or rock from heel to toe (walking).

This stops me doing a few movements I’ve been training recently:

  • Any freestanding handstand work, including kick up practice – I don’t have a steady balance and don’t want to risk coming down onto my left foot.
  • Running, jumping, climbing – so MovNat is pretty much totally out
  • Capoeira movements – I’ve been having great fun with cartwheels and moving round the floor but it just puts too much of the wrong pressure on my foot

This makes a bunch of my last training post pretty irrelevant.

Rather than total rest, I’m training the movements that are pain free.  Luckily anything with a flat foot or where my feet don’t touch the floor is fine.

So I’m fine doing: all pull ups, dips, face wall handstands, headstand push ups, squats, kettlebell press, KB swing/clean and gymnastic statics.

Pull ups and static holds remain the same. I’m alternating the rest of each session between focusing on HeSPU and KB clean & press. My pressing strength is poor so I may as well spend time on it while my options are limited.

It’s not how I’d like to be training at this time of year. Summer should be about exploring movement outside but that’s not really an option right now.

Thankfully the British summer has been awful so far so I’m not missing too much!


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