Current training – July

I’ve decided to made my training update more honest this month.

I usually list out a few workouts on a weekly schedule which no doubt gives the impression I stick with that routine for every week in the month.

The reality is a bit more fluid. I will have a pool of 4-5 workouts that I choose from during the month. Week by week the sessions vary but will have consistencies like handstands, rope climbs, squats etc so that, as well as variety, I also regularly practice the skills I want to get better at.

My choice will be based on the previous session, time, energy levels and any soreness.

Currently it is a combination of basic gymnastics, MovNat, stuff from Capoeira Conditioning and some kettlebells – a fine mix.

I train each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each session will generally follow this format:

    1. Warm up
    2. Static holds
    3. Handstand practice
    4. Strength/conditioning

      The static and handstand portions generally look like this:

      • A1: Low L-sit – 2 x 20sec
      • A2: German Hang – 2 x 30sec
      • A3: Tuck front lever – 2 x 20sec
      • B1: Face wall handstand – 5 x 30sec
      • C1: Handstand kick up and hold – 10-15

        I then complete the session with one of:

        1. D1: Goblet squat – 3 x 8
          E1: Negativa lateral-cartwheel – 4-6 x 5/5
          E2: Rope pull up (hand by opposite elbow) – 4-6 x 3-5
        2. D1: Cartwheel-QDR – 4-6 x 3/3
          D2: Rope climb (up/down no legs) – 4-6 x 1
          E1: KB swing – 3-5 x 10-15
        3. D1: Goblet – 3 x 8
          E1: Ring routine – 3 x MU-dip-back roll-reverse crank-crank
        4. MovNat – various (may also drop statics and do longer MovNat session)
        5. D1: Extend handstand practice
          E1: QDR – 3-5 x 10-20sec
          F1: KB swing – 3-5 x 10-15

        I’ll also go for an easy run on a Thursday and either a run or bike on Sunday. I may also go climbing at some point.


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