The blog – resurrected

It’s been a while since I posted here. My new baby came in February and life since then has been filled with lots of love, laughter and joy, but also very little time to rest or sleep.

I have managed to continue training regularly, but, although I tried initially, haven’t found the time/energy to write here. I figured any spare time would be better spent actually training rather than writing about not having the time to train.

Things are levelling out a bit now and as I enjoy writing here I will start posting more regularly again.

Here’s what I’ve been up to in the gym:

I’ve been playing with handstands on and off for a few years but without great success, largely due to being inconsistent. Now I am training them every session and am finally getting somewhere.

Straight arm scapular strength
This is also something I’ve dipped in and out of. The more I read about it on Gymnastic Bodies and from Ido Portal the more important it seems. Plus being able to do a full planche and the levers would be amazing. I’m doing some combination of l-sit, planche, back lever and front lever every session.

I discovered Ido Portal’s blog around this time last year, and floreio with it. It’s a very rewarding practice, great fun and also helps build great bodyweight control. I’m training it most days, with a focus on rotations into bridge, cartwheels and increasing difficulty levels in the QDR rotational push up.

Rope climbing
This is relatively new to me. I’ve got a 2m section of rope I can attach to my gymnastic rings which I currently use for pull ups with an uneven grip (bottom hand around the elbow of the top one). The intention is to build up to climbing it using arms only.

As always. Mostly swings and cleans.

Andrew Read’s strength plus endurance articles inspired me to start doing some easy running. I’ve been going out once or twice a week. I’m intentionally going slow and am using nasal breathing to check my pace. If I need to breath through my mouth it’s too fast.

I’ll write a May training post next week to show how it all fits together.