Current training – February 2012

Our new baby has still not arrived, she’s currently eight days overdue. I can only imagine it is a combination of being too cold out here and too comfy in there. I guess she’ll come out when she is good and ready.

Training is very abbreviated at the moment – there’s more important things going on than lengthy training sessions.

A persistent wrist injury seems to have finally buggered off so I can get on my hands without pain again. This is great as, although I enjoyed pressing kettlebells for a while, I much prefer playing with hand balancing and basic gymnastics.

I’m alternating between two simple sessions, one all static holds, one working heavy chin ups. They are about 20-30 mins each.

Session 1

  • A1: Straddle L
  •  B1: Face the wall HS – 5-8 x 20-30sec
  •  C1: Press HeS (straddle) – 2 x >10
  •  D1: Planche (tuck) – 4 x 5sec
  • D2: Front lever (tuck) – 4 x 15sec

Session 2

  • A1: Face the wall HS – 3 x 20-30sec
  • B1: Assisted one arm chin ups – alt arms every 30-60sec x 10-16
  • C1: GHR – 2 x 5





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