Could it really be that simple?

I Twittered about this article in Sports Nutrition Insider a couple of weeks ago. It has seemingly hundreds of people giving their top nutrition advice – there are some themes in their advice (eat more protien!) and some feels complicated (have xg of protien/carbs, x amount of minutes post-workout).

One piece jumped out because of simplicity and for being applicable for everyone, whether they care about ‘peak performance’ and body fat percentages or just want to be healthier than the average joe.

“Use common sense and stop the silly fad diets.  It’s not about low calorie, low sugar, fat free, gluten free or any other ‘label.’ It is as simple as eating a variety of natural foods in there natural form at the right times of the day and be mindful of proper portion sizes. You have choices: an apple or a candy bar, a had full of M&M’s or almonds, fast food or home cooked, water or soda, etc. You know the answers, apply them and you will look and feel amazing. It is that simple!”
Kim Lyons NASM CPT

Great advice (please ignore that she used to be on The Biggest Loser).

It may be easier said than done initially, but it can be this simple. Nothing complex required, just eat the stuff that looks like food, avoid the stuff that sounds like a chemistry experiment.


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