Thoughts on running

I’ve been running once or twice a week all summer and will continue to do so until it gets too cold to be enjoyable. I’m no expert on mixing running with more general strength training but here are some thoughts nonetheless: 

  • Adding some natural movement and basic parkour makes a long run more fun. Try dropping into a crawl every now and then, or check some parkour vault tutorials and jump over stuff rather than run round.
  • Glute strength is key – think glute bridges and hip thrusts – running seems so much easier when I’m doing them. Bret Contreras has tons of more info.
  • Pistol squats help too. They build strength in one leg from flexed knee to standing. A bit like running. This is probably true of most single leg squatting exercises.
  • That said, if I do pistols the day after running my knees hate me.
  • Getting stronger makes it easier.
  • Running is a fundamental movement. It’s how we moved quicker than walking before people tamed horses and built cars.
  • It’s good to mix it up between very short, very fast; medium (about a mile) and pretty quick; and longer, but slow. I prefer to spend most of my time around medium-fast
  • When you are going slow and long, go slow.
  • Slower than that.
  • Running for longer than a sprint currently has an unecessarily bad rep. It might slow your strength gains slightly but is worth doing anyway. Being able to knock out 5-10km without dying is a good thing.

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