New shoes – Vivo Barefoot Ra

Vivo Barefoot have recently (although it might have been last season??) released a shoe that’s suitable for wearing with a suit/trousers.

Excellent, now I can be barefoot-ish everyday.

The stylings of the Ra will look familiar anyone that knows the Vivo range fairly well. They look kinda like a leather Dharma with laces.

I’ve only had them for a short while but initial impressions are very good. They have all of the features I would expect from a minimal shoe:

  • Zero drop heel-toe
  • Thin flexible sole
  • Wide toe box (it is massive!)
  • No arch support

My only complaint is that they rub and cause a blister just below my left ankle. I epxect this will pass as the materials softens.

Also, it may be unique to me as my left ankle is still slightly larger them the right following a nasty sprain earlier this year.

In summary, I’m very pleased so far.

I wear my work shoes more than any others and will update on how they wear over time. That said, I’ve never had any problems with other Vivo shoes – between me, my wife and daughter we now have nine pairs!


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