Current workouts – October 2011

A few changes this month.

I’ve introduced one arm push up progressions to add variety to my pressing work. My elbows and wrists were feeling the strain from doing muscle ups every day. I’m progressing the exercise by doing them with my hand on a raised surface, as I get to 8 sets of 3 reps I find a lower surface and start again. In theory I can continue like this until I’m doing them on the floor – I just need to find enough progressively lower surfaces around the house!

I’ve added in band pull aparts and rows to even out my pulling motions. The bands are a new toy and are great for working the rhomboids, lower traps etc – all the muscles that get lazy and weak while I sit at my desk.

Deadlifts are added in place of the Monday pistol session. My weekend run tends to be on a Sunday and pistols the day after are often unpleasant, and not in good way. The deadlifts are still fairly unpleasantly, but in a much better way!

A1: Back lever (adv tuck) – 4 x 12sec
A2: L-sit – 4 x 8sec
B1: One arm push up progressions R/L – 8 x 2-3
B2: Weighted chin ups – 8 x 2-3
B3: Band pull aparts – 8 x 5-10
C1: KB deadlift – 2-3 x 10-15

A1: Muscle up – >8
B1: Pistols – 6-8 x 2-3
B2: Grip stuff – 8 x various
C1: KB swing/Farmers walks

A1: Back lever (1/2 lay) – 6 x 8sec
A2: L-sit – 6 x 6sec
B1: Muscle up to get in place, then dip to transition – 3-5 x >5
C1: Single leg hip thrust R/L – 2 x >20
C2a: Ring row – 3 x >8
C2b: Bodyweight bat wing – >30sec



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