Are standing desks the answer? Maybe not

Todd Hargrove has posted something interesting about standing desks. 

They are often spoken about as a solution to sitting related health woes but standing alone is unlikely to fix everything if you still don’t move all day. 

(not to mention dodgy standing postures if the screen or keyboard are set to low).

The key takeaway for me is:

“I think the problem with sitting is not just the lack of energetic demand, but the lack of motion. Therefore, standing in one place only solves half the problem. Perhaps it???s a step in the right direction, but it would be even better to keep stepping and go for a walk. Unlike standing, that is something your body is designed to do very well, and it probably wants you do be doing it more than you are. So walk away from the computer as often as possible. Of course you may need to walk back to keep your job.”


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