New running shoes – Vivo Barefoot Neo

I picked up a new pair of running shoes this week. It’s been long overdue as the aqua shoes I had been running were well past they’re best – and they were never that good.

They have a few plus points – they are cheap and the ground feel is very good but they also often caused blisters and were falling apart.

My old shoes


Enter the neo

There are a ton of minimalist shoes on offer at the moment and after hours of research I eventually came back to a company I know well – Vivo Barefoot. I’ve got a few pairs of their casual shoes and am a big fan.

I ended up going for the Neo. I’d read very good things about this shoe and haven’t been disappointed.

They have all of the main features I expect from a minimalist shoe:

  • Thin, flexible sole
  • Zero drop heel to toe
  • Minimal cushioning
  • No/minimal arch support
  • Wide forefoot to allow toes to splay
  • Comfortable to wear without socks

My new shoes


    I’ve only been out for a couple of runs in them but they’ve performed very well so far. I like how fast the shoes feel, I find it very hard to run slowly in them.

    They are also nice and grippy, I took them on an easy trail after some rain and ran it hard with no slipping.

    I also managed my first kong vault in them, although that may not be soley down to the shoes…..

    All in all, if you are in the market for a minimalist running shoe then I recommend them highly. You can also fine some great deals on them on t’internet (thanks Barefoot Athlete!)


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