Kong vault

I’ve been playing with some parkour tricks while out running for the last couple of Wednesdays. My main focus has been on the kong vault and practicing rolls.

Rolls are used to break falls so are pretty fundamental to get right before trying anything more advanced – best to know how to fall safely before you try and jump.

The kong is one of the more basic vaults. I managed to get a passable kong over the course of two ten minute practices using the progressions in this video. It still needs more work but I am still very pleased with myself. This is the first proper parkour-looking skill I have learned!

I’m far from an expert but the last point he makes on the video is spot. The kong doesn’t take too much effort, it was my mind that was holding me back. Once I relaxed and properly committed to the vault it was ok.

The same is probably true of a lot of parkour techniques, and why kids might pick them up quicker – they have no fear!


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