Current workouts – August 2011

The muscle up practice is going well. My false grip is much stronger and I’m feeling more comfortable working into the transition from the bottom of a dip.

I’m going to put some more focus into both the muscle up and back lever, I want to nail both skills by the end of this year (hopefully much sooner). The back lever has been on my hit list for a long time.

With that in mind I am increasing frequency so I work on both skills every workout. My focus is on building false grip and transition strength for my muscle up and consistently practicing the back lever.

I’ve also added in some squats as leg strength work has been a bit lacking over the last month or so, plus extra pressing/pulling (for variety), grip work and some running/exploring.

It’s a really nice mix.


A1: False grip chins – 2 x >10
A2: Dip (into transition) – 2 x >8
B1: Back lever (straddle) – 3 x 5sec
C1: Get outside, run, sprint, crawl, jump over stuff, climb stuff, play

A1-A2 for two rounds, then B1, then C1


A1: False grip rows – 3 x >10
A2: Dip (into transition) – 3 x >8
B1: Back lever (straddle) – 5 x 5sec
C1: Tiger bend push up – 3 x >10
C2: T-shirt grip chin up* – 3 x >10
D1: KB goblet squats
D2: KB swing

A1-A2 for two rounds, then B1, C1-C2 for two rounds, then D1-D2 for five rounds


A1: False grip chins – 2 x >10
A2: Dip (weighted) – 2 x >8
B1: Some kind of squat – 5 x >8
B2: Pony clamp pinch – 5 x >5
C1: Fat grip reverse curls – 4 x >10 R/L
C2: Back lever (adv tuck) – 4 x 12sec

A1-A2 for two rounds, then B1-B2 for five rounds, then C1-C2 for four rounds

* I wrap an old t-shirt over each gymnastic ring to create a much fatter grip. Chin ups and grip work – winner!


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