Indoor natural movement workout

My plans to go outside and have a natural movement style workout in the park have been scuppered in the last two weeks by crap weather.

I don’t mind running in the rain but crawling about and climbing trees doesn’t appeal. Maybe I just need to break away from the shackles of modern life and get muddy but this week decided to stay indoors and do a similar style workout – I thought I’d share it to show how they can be to put together:

I did some ring ring work to start. It’s an optional extra bit of climbing work, it would be a great workout anyway.

Optional extra climbing

  • Muscle up practice (self spotted from kneeling)
  • Ring routine (pulling)

Natural movement circuit – 5 rounds

  • Spiderman crawl – 20m around house
  • Crab walk – 20m around house
  • Balance crawl – 20m around house
  • Balance squat walks – 20m around house
  • Towel chins – 5


  • 70m sprints x 3

I didn’t have anything to balance along the length of the floor but instead picked a line in the wood floor and followed that, you could do the same with a pattern in the carpet, or even put down some string. The balance crawl was moving along it on all fours, the squat walks involved walking along the line and squatting down after each step.

If the weather was good you could also do this outside. All you would need is a log to do the balances on and a tree to climb in place of the towel chins.


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