Fitness attributes – freedom from injury

This is the next in the series on each attribute in my What do you need to do to be fit? post.

An injury will mean you are not able to easily and effectively complete physical tasks.

I injured my ankle earlier this year and needed crutches to walk. It took about a month to walk without them and another six weeks or so to run. Clearly during this time, although I was doing some training, I wasn’t fit for much.

So, being injured is bad. Not only does it hurt, it also reduces your ability to do physical stuff (not fit) and may stop you training effectively (getting less fit).

Getting injured in the gym prepping for a sport or just for fitness can be avoided if you listen to your body and don’t take stupid risks.

You need to remember why you are there. Whether you are trying to get better at your sport or just be fit for life then taking risks and getting injured gets you further away from what you want not closer.

I injured my ankle on a climbing wall. It was close to the end of the day and I was on a fairly difficult (for me) problem. As I got close to the top my grip felt a bit off and I had a feeling that I should just let this one go. I didn’t and two moves later I was flat on the deck with a knackered ankle.

This is an example of me not listening to body and taking a stupid risk.

Injuries in sports inevitable, whether you are competing against yourself self or others you will push to the edge to try and win. You also cannot control the actions of the other people playing. Injuries are bound to happen at some point. In the gym this isn’t the case as you have the control (assuming someone doesn’t drop a weight on your foot!).

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t train hard, you absolutely should. You can train hard within your limits and those limits will expand. Consistently push the envelope and your body will likely punish you.


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