Current workouts – June 2011

My workouts tend to periodically cycle between more linear strength exercises and stuff that challenges the body from more angles (like KBs, clubs, some bodyweight stuff).

I’ve been focused on linear strength exercises for a while and felt the need to do something different. Since writing my squat post I’ve been exploring Ido Portal’s site and the florieo work he has on there is really interesting. It’s a great combination of strength and skill work.

I’m keeping it at a very basic, beginner level at the moment (it’s all I can do!) but am loving the movements. I’m also mixing in some ring/pulling work as it is quite heavy on pressing and also some running/KBs because I can do them outside in the sunshine (when there’s sunshine!).

I’m using the same way of explaining the workouts as Ido. I think it makes them clearer. All sessions begin with some joint mobility, a wrist routine and Ido’s squat clinic.

Monday – (loosely) based on Floreio 1
A1: Wall handstand x 40-60sec
A2: Ring row x 5-8
B1: Slide to low bridge x 5
B2: Rotations into arch using wall x 10
C1: Ring routine (pulling)
D1: Run (inc some jumps and sprints)
3 rounds of A1-2, then 3 rounds of B1-2, then C1, then D1

Wednesday – based on Floreio 1
A1: QDR practice
B1:Slide to low bridge x 5
B2: Rotations into arch using wall x 10
B3: QDR rotational push ups (beginner) x 10
C1: Pull ups
D1: KB timed sets – 24kg swing/jerk
A1-2, then 3 rounds of B1-3, then C1, then D1

Friday – based on Floreio 4
A1: QDR practice
B1: Gatherings (beginner)
B2: Slide to low bridge
B3: Rotations into arch using wall
B4: QDR rotational push ups (beginner)
C1: Role – 3 minutes
A1, then B1-4 for 8,6,4,2 reps, then C1


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